Bead Mine! What a great sentiment for any time of the year! Perfect for our "Mommy" bracelets, brag bracelets, or whatever you want to call them, made from our directly imported Bali Sterling Letter Blocks.

Soon, you'll be able to share "Bead Mine!"TM sentiments through our premiere site and our Digital Postcards Brand of virtual greetings!

-----> But now, "Bead Mine!"TM is not only a heartfelt sentiment, it's a request!

For a long time, now, we have offered our Make-It-Take-It service in our shop, and we've expanded the service by adding in 7 individual workstations, and one group station. Now, we offer a "Bead Mine!"TM / "Bead it for me!"TM service!

Come on in, and tell us what you want, and we'll do it for you! Anything from simple stringing to coralling and netting. Quick turn arounds, bridal orders, prom and homecoming or any special event!